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Fine Dining Menu

Dinner is served.

One of the great pleasures of a luxury hotel stay is the room service. We know your cat has a refined taste, and their Balmain Cat Boarding experience will be sure to cater to their sophisticated palate.

Liaising with local butchers, we have curated a delectable selection of appetisers, sure to suit even the fussiest of felines.

Kangaroo Fillets

You’d be hopping mad not to let your cat try these grass-fed prime kangaroo fillets.

King Prawns

Don’t be shellfish, have your cat try our fresh, juicy king prawns.

Tuna Chunks

It’s the CAT-ch of the day! Your cat will be begging for more of this quality tuna.

Chicken Breast

Your cat won’t cry fowl over this succulent, RSPCA-approved chicken breast.

Ground Beef

It’d be a missed-steak not to dish up this 100% beef mince to your cat during their stay.

Tuna price based on a serving of 95g.
All other prices based on a serving of 50g.