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Grooming Options

Treat your feline like royalty.

Your cat may spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, but sometimes they need the human touch to keep them looking (and feeling) their best. We offer several treatments to help our guests stay chic, sleek, and tangle-free. Indulge your cat during their stay by ordering from our professional grooming menu.

Purrfect Pedicure

This option includes a full, four-paw nail trim for your pet. This treatment not only leaves your cat feeling fresh and pampered, it also helps protect your home from unwanted scratching. Spoil your feline and save your furniture with our Purrfect Pedicure.


This option is the full pamper package – a whole body spa for your cat. Including: a comprehensive brushing to sort out any tangles; a body massage and fluff up with our fabulous kitty conditioner; and a nail trim.

Full Lion Clip Groom*

This full body shave option (often called a ‘lion clip’) is recommended for long-haired breeds, or cats that have extensive matting or tangling where traditional brush-out methods would prove painful. It’s perfect for pets that want to rock a distinctive look, or to keep your cat cool before the full heat of summer approaches.

Sugar Glider Clips also available.

Please note, some anxious cats are not amenable to grooming services without sedation. If you wish for us to perform any of the above services with sedation, a consent form must be signed.

*All full clips are carried out in our hospital facility under general anaesthetic. You will be required to fill out an anaesthetic consent form and signed estimate during your check in. As an anaesthetic is required for this procedure, we perform a mandatory blood test to ensure healthy organ function. At the discretion of our Veterinary Surgeons, we may elect not to go ahead with this procedure for the safety of your pet.