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Zen Den

Let their stresses melt away.

We know cats. That means we know that time away from home can cause anxiety in guests and owners alike. We actively work to facilitate a stress-free experience for your feline – for their enjoyment and for your peace of mind. Our accommodation has been carefully designed to maximise your cat’s comfort and to minimise stress. Similarly, our staff take great care in ensuring your cat’s stay is peaceful and calm.

Creating A Tranquil Stay Experience
  • Cubbyholes, en-suites, and covered cat beds

    A space for cats to retreat to where they can feel safe. This gives them the option to hide away when they need a little bit of security and to come out and explore their enclosure when they feel comfortable to do so.

    Frosted screens allow natural light inside, while artfully blocking the inquisitive gaze of other guest.
  • 24-Hour Hypoallergenic scent system

    Eliminates unfamiliar odours (like the scent of other cats), and pumps fresh, clean air through the room at all times.
  • Soothing modern music

    Our Sonos® sound system immerses our guests in a calm and peaceful environment.

    At Balmain Cat Boarding, this is something that our cat team is highly skilled in. Through this, they are able to determine an individual cats’ needs. By tailoring our behaviour, care and approach to your cats needs we allow for your cat’s individual experience to be as positive and relaxing as possible.
  • Feliway Diffusers

    These diffusers replicate a natural feline pheromone, which instills a sense of comfort and reassurance in cats. Feliway is installed all through our facility, reinforcing to your cat that they are in a safe place.
    Individual Feliway spray is also available to purchase. Check with our team when you arrive, or order through our Booking Portal.
  • Zylkene

    Zylkene is a natural supplement that helps reduce anxiety and stress in cats. Capsules contain a natural product derived from the milk protein casein. This naturally-occuring molecule is well-known to promote relaxation in newborns after breastfeeding.
    Zylkene is available to purchase during your stay – no prescription required. Let us know when you check-in, or order through our Booking Portal.
  • Advice For First-Time Boarders

    Our facility is designed to keep your cat stress-free during their stay. There are also things you can do for your feline both before and after boarding to help create a positive experience for them. Read our 8 tips here.

Is your cat prone to anxiety?

Are you worried that separation from you and your home may make your pet stressed?

We recommend talking with our team about which extras may help calm your kitty during their stay. We offer products that can be added to your cats environment or food, which can help your cat settle in and stay comfortable.