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A Home Away From Home

Accommodation Options

Our feline hotel is unlike any other. Not only do we provide pristine, first-class, spacious accommodation options, we also allow your cats to undergo a destination travel experience. Complete with the addition of new interactive enclosures, your kitty will be transported to differently themed destinations - so they can experience an immersive holiday of their own!

All accommodation options are connected to the very latest in ventilation systems to ensure our guests are provided with fresh air at all times. Tranquil background sounds are provided by our wireless SONOS system in addition to soothing scents from our hypoallergenic scent system. We also have two large themed play areas that all our guests get complimentary access to during their stay.

Our Playrooms

All of our feline guests, no matter the selection of accommodation type, will have the opportunity to have private play-time in our custom designed play areas. Your feline will be able to jump, climb, scratch, roll and simple play until their hearts are content. Complete with wall climbing apparatus, giant scratchers, cat bridges, multiple hammocks and themed cosy bedding our play areas provide all our felines with a cat-tastic destination adventure

Little Purr-maid Cove

Purr-wood Forest

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