Accommodation Options

For the discerning feline who wants a bit more space to stretch out and spread their legs or for those guests who come in pairs and don’t do hotels without their better half. The Bungalows offer multi-level, spacious accommodation with height. They are the perfect choice for guests who luxuriate in extra space and enjoy surveying their kingdom from up high. The Bungalows are also the perfect choice for cats that come in pairs or for mid length stays where more space is required for comfort.


  • Larger and taller accommodation option to give your pet both space and height to survey their kingdom
  • Multiple levels to allow for exploration and activity to suit your cats desires
  • Hidey holes and ledges to allow your cat the ability to hide away at their leisure
  • Active ventilation drawing fresh air and removing stale air 24 hours a day
  • Separate hidden bathroom and toilet facilities to give your feline the privacy and serenity they deserve
  • Perfect choice for those felines that like to be up high or a family that comes in pairs.

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