Accommodation Options
Our two suites offer the very best in hotel living for today’s felines. Designed specifically to accommodate cats’ needs, the suites will ensure your pet will want to come back time and time again! Whether you want a winter escape or a beach retreat, your cat will love the finest Sydney has to offer for cat accommodation. The suites are our deluxe option and are perfect for multiple guests (cat families), long term stays or simply for spoiling your best mate with a luxurious get-a-way!

The Whisklers Ski Chalet

For a cool change, why don’t you try our unique “Whisklers” Ski Chalet and spoil your pet with a winter get-a-way!
  • Active ventilation drawing fresh air and removing stale air 24 hours a day
  • Glowing fireplace
  • Leather soft chair to luxuriate in front of the fire
  • Stone fireplace with built-in shelving and hammock for your cat to relax or play on
  • Private TV for your cats entertainment
  • Soft sheepskin moccasin boot for your cat to hide in
  • Elevated wine rack - to sleep on of course!
  • Snowboard ramp
  • Complete privacy

The Meow-ldives Beach House

For those who prefer a little heat, we have you covered!
  • Active ventilation drawing fresh air and removing stale air 24 hours a day
  • Row-boat book case - exclusively for lounging and playing!
  • Private TV for your cats entertainment
  • Surfboard play ramp
  • Beach recliner chair to allow for naps in between TV shows
  • Encased sand boxes with beach paraphernalia such as coloured star fish and sea shells for climbing on
  • Multiple shelves up high to allow for surveying of kingdom or some play time for those of our guests who prefer action time
  • Complete privacy

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