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  Does my cat need to be vaccinated?

Yes, it is important that your cat is up to date with their vaccinations prior to boarding at our facility. We do need to verify your cat’s vaccination status by sighting a current vaccination certificate. However, should your cat need to have their vaccinations, our veterinarians at Balmain Veterinary Hospital can perform this on admission.

The minimum requirement for cats is to have a F3 vaccination, which provides immunity against feline enteritis and feline respiratory virus infections. For those who are also outdoors, vaccination against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is also recommended.

If you do not have a copy of your cat’s latest vaccination you can obtain one by giving your previous vet a call or email. If you need assistance with this, do not hesitate to ask. If your cat has their vaccinations done at Balmain Vet Hospital, we will have a record of their vaccination history.

  Is flea control absolutely necessary?

Yes. Fleas are quick to jump from host to host, so when cats are in close proximity it is easy for them to spread. This is why flea control is important and every cat must be up to date with a regular flea control product prior to boarding. Should your cat need this treatment, our Cattery Managers at Balmain Veterinary Hospital can apply this on admission.

We also have strict protocols in place to make sure that our boarding environment remains flea free. This involves boarders receiving a single introductory dose of Capstar, which is an instant acting flea control that is very safe and fast acting and kills fleas for 24 hours. Vets also perform a flea/skin check in each cats complimentary boarding health check.

  Will my cat be let out to play?

Yes. We have 2 playrooms available. Each are uniquely themed and fitted with custom installed hammocks, sisal scratch posts, steps, a suspension bridge and circular cut-outs sure to bring out the kitten within! And if that’s not enough, we throw a couple of toys in too! Guests are given the opportunity to stretch their legs and rotate through the playrooms every few hours at no additional cost to the price of your stay!

Rotation times may vary depending on the amount of cats we have in boarding at any given time, and also differs depending on the individual cats. Whilst everyone will get the opportunity to play, some cats may prefer to snuggle up with us at our desk while our kitten boarders may need a little extra time to bounce out all there energy.

  Can cats from the same family fit into the one accommodation style?

Yes. We can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same household boarding in the same hotel accommodation room. This service is only available in our Suites and Destination Villas. Alternatively, our Bungalows can house up to 2 cats.

If your cats get along most of the time, we can also arrange for them to have separate play times so that they get the opportunity to have a break from one another. And if they only get along sometimes, we can organise for them to board in separate enclosures, ideally as neighbours, and arrange them to have play time together so they don’t miss seeing their house mate throughout their stay.

  What happens if my cat gets sick while in boarding?

We are located within a modern, state of the art equipped veterinary practice - Balmain Veterinary Hospital. We are a family of dedicated staff consisting of veterinarians, managers, nurses, animal attendants and receptionists and are committed to providing both pets and owners with the highest level of care possible.

In addition to a complimentary veterinary health examination on admission our Cattery Managers are dedicated to looking after and monitoring our boarders all day. Should we feel that your cat is indicating any sign that it is  unwell at any time during their stay this will be flagged with our vets who will attend to their needs. If treatment is deemed necessary we will contact you to discuss this further.

  Is there a cancellation fee?

There are no cancellation fees or deposits required, with the exception of peak boarding periods. If you wish to book your cat in to stay with us during peak periods including Christmas, Easter, school holidays or long weekends, please call us for further information. If you have booked for a peak boarding period and unexpected circumstances have arisen that are out of your control, we would advise you to contact us for further discussion.

  Do you provide a discount when booking more than one cat?
Yes. This depends on the accommodation type and whether they are sharing an enclosure. Enclosures that house between 2-3 cats offer a 30% reduction on the second cat, while the third cat stays free!
  Can I be supplied updates or photos of my cat while I am away?


We encourage that you indicate your e-mail address on the admission form. We aim to provide you with an update no later than 3-4 days from the date of check in as to how your cat is settling in, and weekly updates thereafter.

We encourage all our clients to like us on Facebook and Instagram as this is a great way for us to communicate with you and give you updates on your cat’s stay whilst you are away.

  Can I come and inspect your facilities?

We encourage people to come and visit us and see our wonderful facilities for themselves. We promise you, you will be impressed. Whilst you are welcome to inspect anytime during our business hours, we recommend you visit between the hours of 12pm-2pm so that our hotel managers can give you the time you deserve to show you around.

  Do you provide any additional services?

Yes. We offer vaccination, blood and urine screening, arthritis injections, intestinal worming and flea control, ear cleans, nail trims and grooming options. For our anxious guests we provide daily Feliway spray, Zylkene supplements and Zen-den accommodation with ample hidey-holes. We are soon implementing a deluxe fresh food menu as well as toy hire or purchase. Not to mention some delectable cat-grass that can be provided throughout your cats stay and you can even buy a pot to go home with!

We also offer a 20% discount on dental procedures to all our guests during or within one month of stay.

Please check out these additional services here:

  Do you offer discounts for long-term stay?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount on total stay for any cats boarding longer than 4 weeks. Additionally, any guests boarding for longer than 3 months at a time are entitled to a 20% discount on total stay.
  Can I bring my cat’s own bedding?

We provide all of our cats with thick, comfortable bedding. However, you would be more than welcome to bring in any bedding, toys or scratching posts from home, even a jumper or a t-shirt – something with your scent on it. The familiarity of the item may provide comfort for your cat during their stay. We ask that you indicate this clearly on the admission form what items you have brought in with you so that anything precious to your feline isn’t misplaced.

  What food is provided for my cat during their stay?

At Balmain Cat Boarding we provide the highest quality premium cat food, wet and dry, tailored to your cat’s life stage needs at no additional cost to you. We supply a vast range of the Hill’s Science Diet, including adult, kitten, senior, hairball, dental (T/D), Metabolic weight loss, Digestive sensitive (I/D), Hypoallergenic (Z/D) as well as some of the prescription range. We also provide a limited range of the Royal Canin and a variety of wet foods including Fancy Feast and Dine, as well as of course some yummy Greenies and Metabolic treats!

However, you are more than welcome to provide your cat’s meals for the duration of their stay if you would like to keep a continuity of their diet.

  What if my cat is on a special diet or a prescription diet for a medical condition?

If your pet is on a special prescription diet, we ask that you supply your pet’s diet on check in. If you are running low, or you forget, you can purchase fresh stock from us if required. If your pet runs out of their prescription food during their stay, we can provide your cat with fresh stock and apply this to your check-out bill.

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