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Cattery Hotel Operations Manager

Diana is a Registered Veterinary Nurse, qualifying in 2010. She also holds a Certificate III in Captive Animal Management. You may recognise Diana from her time spent at Balmain Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Nurse from 2012 - 2016, before she took on the role of Animal Manager at an ethical elephant sanctuary in rural Thailand, where she spent the next fourteen months.

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    Diana's hobby is travelling to Asia to volunteer her time in mass sterilisation projects of cats and dogs in poor and rural communities. Her beloved Cornish Rex cats both passed away in their senior years, so she now gets her cat fix by coming in to work every day!


with Scallywag
Cat Hotel Attendant

After graduating high school in 2016, Katherine has pursued her passion for design at the University of UNSW studying a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Honours. Katherine’s ability to communicate with people and animals is a key attribute to her hardworking behaviour and positive attitude for years she has been working with the Balmain Vet team. She is a proud owner of her birds Buddy, Loo Loo and Rocky.

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    Katherine’s interest in wildlife conservation and the impact of climate changes on animals is something that she hopes she can become involved in through volunteering in the near future.


with Bella
Cat Hotel Attendant

Nick has worked with Balmain Veterinary Hospital as an Animal Attendant for the past two years, predominately within Balmain Cat Boarding. An animal lover since birth, Nick has two Border Collies Red and Nelson, who swoon at his feet and listen attentively whenever he speaks. He trained each dog and the locals all comment on how well behaved they are.

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    Nick has been working since he left Glebe High (now Blackwattle Campus), 23 years ago. He's also a long time Inner Westie and known to many for his entertaining personality and his love of life. Never shy to comment, Nick has a very vocal relationship with the cats boarding at the hospital and often reports on his "interesting" conversations.

    Nick loves working with the cats in our boarding facility. Nick thinks cats are very entertaining and loves playing with the all the boisterous cats with string toys. All our cats love to run up and say hello to Nick – which he loves when they rub against his legs and give him head-butts.

    Nick loves working with the team at Balmain Vet and is a social butterfly around our halls. The vet hospital is Nick's dream job, though he still harbours ambitions of working with the wilder animals found in Africa where he has been on safari on two occasions.


with Pudding
Cat Hotel Attendant

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences in Manila, Isabel decided to pursue veterinary medicine at the University of Sydney. Having grown up surrounded by all types of animals, Isabel is passionate about their care and happiness. She also loves Philippine wildlife, so she has volunteered many hours at wildlife sanctuaries in Manila before coming to Australia.

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    When she’s not studying, Isabel loves spending her free time reading a good book and cuddling with her pet rat or FaceTiming her many chihuahuas back home. One day she hopes to be able to practice surgery on small animals and horses, but for now, she provides the cats in boarding with lots of cuddles and treats!

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