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The Zen-Den

Calming options for the anxious guest

We know cats. We also know that time away from home can cause anxiety in guests and owners alike. We are mindful of giving your cat the most stress-free experience we can so that your feline can enjoy their holiday and that you can have peace of mind. Our hotel has been carefully designed to maximise your cats comfort and to minimise stress during their time away from home. Our staff take great care in ensuring your pets stay is peaceful and calm.

How we create a relaxing environment for your cat

    Allows your cat to have a retreat space within their environment where they can feel safe. This gives them the option to hide away when they need a little bit of security and to come out and explore their enclosure when they feel comfortable to do so.

    Hide away from other guests with frosted screens that allow natural light through the room but prevent eye contact from fellow guests.

    In addition to our unique hypoallergenic odour neutralisation system, this ensures your cat is not presented with unfamiliar and unsavory cat smells which could be distressing.

    Our surround-sound system immerses your cat in a tranquil and peaceful environment.

    At Balmain Cat Boarding, this is something that our cat team is highly skilled in. Through this, they are able to determine an individual cats’ needs. By tailoring our behaviour, care and approach to your cats needs we allow for your cat’s individual experience to be as positive and relaxing as possible.

    Feliway replicates a cat pheromone which offers signals of comfort and reassurance for our felines. We have Feliway diffusers for low level dispersion throughout our hotel.
If you have a cat that is prone to anxiety or you are worried that any separation from yourself and your home may cause higher levels of stress, we also offer some additional extras. These supplements can be added to your cats environment and offer that bit of extra support that some cats may need in order to let their anxieties and worries drift away so they can properly settle in for their stay.


We offer an individual Feliway Spray throughout their enclosure daily. This concentrated Feliway surrounds your feline with calming pheromones and continually reinforces via chemical signals that they are in a safe place.


Zylkene offers a great natural supplement to aid in the reduction of anxiety and stress in your pet. Zylkene capsules are designed to calm pets who become a little overwhelmed in new environments, and is non-stressful to administer as it is simply mixed with food.

Cat grass

We grow our own cat grass which is available in convenient take home punnets for your cat. Freshly grown cat grass provides a centuries-proven natural way to release endorphins in your cat and will help reduce any 'home away from home' anxieties.

If you believe any of the calming additions may be beneficial for your cat during their stay, please indicate on the check in form.

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