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For the cat that deserves to look their best
Now it’s well known that cats like to look their best – it’s a point of pride. But sometimes our cats need a little help to achieve the results they are after, and let’s be honest - who doesn’t love a good pamper? We offer several treatments to help your cat acheive their ultimate chic self.

Purrrfect Pedicure

This treatment includes a full nail trim. This treatment not only leaves your cat feeling fresh and pampered, you also receive the added benefit of less nail sharpening on the furniture. Our purrfect pedicure will give you and your cat cuddle time without the scratches!


This treatment is a whole-body sprucing. This treatment includes a full brush to get rid of any tangles, a fluff up with our fabulous kitty conditioner and a full nail trim.

Full Lion-Clip Groom*

This full body shave option (often called a 'lion clip') is recommended for long haired breeds or cats that have extensive matting or tangling where traditional brush out methods would prove painful. It is perfect for the longer haired breeds before the full heat of summer approaches.

*: For this treatment you will be required to fill out an anaesthetic consent form and signed estimate. As an anaesthetic is required for this procedure, all cats over the age of 9 will be subject to a mandatory blood test prior to the procedure to ensure adequate organ function. If there are any concerns with the blood results, we may elect to not go ahead with the anaesthetic.

Please note some cats are not amendable to grooming services if they are too anxious or fractious. In these cases, grooming services are not possible without sedation. If you wish for us to perform any of the above services with sedation, a consent form must be signed.

If your cat is interested in any of our spa treatments during their stay, please indicate on the check-in form.

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