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Medical Services

We offer complimentary health checks for our guests through Balmain Veterinary Hospital. One of our Veterinarians will perform a routine health examination of your cat during their stay. **

If our Veterinarians discover any notable findings on the examination of your pet, these concerns will be relayed to you through the check out cards that our guests receive upon check-out. 

In the event our Veterinarians are significantly concerned about your pet, they will contact you as soon as they have examined your pet to recommend further treatment options. 

** (Please note that a complimentary health check may not be performed due to any one of the following reasons; Your cat’s temperament does not allow us to do so (aggressive), your cat’s stay is 48 hours or less, regular boarders, if the Hospital caseload prevents our Veterinarians from being able to do so). 

Other medical services that are available during your pet’s stay include:


Has your pet been recommended a dental procedure? We offer both preventative treatments and dental surgery for our guests. All boarders can receive 20% off the cost of their dental procedure – from time of check-in to one month after check out.

Senior Health Checks

Did you know that cats above 9 years old are considered senior? As they age, certain diseases become more prevalent. In cats, some of the most common senior diseases we see include diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, pancreatitis, cancer and anaemia. We can often detect these through routine blood and urine testing.

It is important that we catch these diseases early as most of them are either curable or treatable if diagnosed in a timely fashion. If diagnosed much later, they can cause lengthy hospital stays or even be terminal.

At Balmain Veterinary Hospital, we practice a philosophy of prevention rather than reaction when it comes to medicine.

Blood Pressure

Like humans, high blood pressure is very common in cats, particularly as they age or if they develop medical disorders such as kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. We offer blood pressure monitoring services for our hotel guests allowing us to catch and help treat the causes of high blood pressure.

Arthritis Management

Most of our cats develop some form of arthritis as they age. The symptoms of this can be very subtle initially. It is important that arthritis is identified early and treated appropriately to slow it down and provide greater quality of life for your pet. We have a number of options to treat arthritis in cats.

Obesity Management

Obesity is becoming more common in cats across Sydney. It makes your cat more prone to arthritis, heart disease, infections and premature death. We can provide special foods and medical regimens to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. 

If you would like advice on how to reduce your cats weight, please ask us for help.

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