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Destination Villas

For the decadent felines that won’t compromise when it comes to the finer things in life. Our Destination Villas offer the chance to transport your cat on a getaway holiday experience. There are nine unique destinations on offer, each outfitted with bespoke furnishings and an enclosed sunlit patio. We recommend this room for curious cats, or those who love to bask during the day.

  • The Paws & Reflect Garden of Tranquility

  • The William Shakes-purr Library

  • Hairy Potter and the Philoso-fur’s Stone

  • Fuzz Aldrin’s Catmosphere

  • The Pes-cat-arian Fisherman’s Quarters

  • Meow-chu Picchu & the In-claw Trail

  • The Plains of A-furrica

  • The Purr-amids of Ra


    • Spacious, bespoke themed rooms to give your cat the full holiday experience

    • Private sun-lit balcony platform (fully enclosed), allowing unobstructed view of the outside world, and giving plenty of opportunities to sunbathe

    • Frosted glass to help avoid distractions from other guests (recommended if your cat doesn’t appreciate strangers)

    • A vertical climbing gym, complete with a high perch lounging platform and suspended hammock

    • Unique furniture pieces to make your cat feel at home and provide privacy

    • Unique furniture pieces to make your cat feel at home and to provide hidey-hole options during their stay
    • Personal litter

    • Relaxing modern music from our integrated Sonos® system, to deliver tranquil, trendy beats during the day

    • 24-hour advanced ventilation system to keep air fresh and clean

    • Purr-fect for a deluxe duo, or a solitary philosopher wanting to watch the world go by

    • Hosts up to 2 cats from a single household

    • From $64 per day for 1 cat, or $112 per day for 2 cats

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