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A Home Away From Home

Our luxury boarding facilities are unlike any other. We provide pristine, first-class, spacious accommodation, ensuring that we can cater to the needs of every pet. From our Suites to our Studio Apartments, we have options to suit every kind of feline. And with our curated Destination Villas, your cat can experience an immersive holiday experience of their own.

All rooms are fitted with an advanced ventilation system, providing our guests with fresh air and calming, hypoallergenic scents at all times. Our wireless Sonos® sound system connects our cats with modern, relaxing tunes during the day. Certain rooms are equipped with HD TVs, streaming engaging motion content to stimulate your pet.

All guests also receive complimentary access to our generously outfitted playrooms – two large, private and enclosed cabins designed for boarders to stretch their legs and let loose.

Room Types


Our deluxe option – unmatched in area, furnishing and privacy. Great for a cat family, long stays, or simply for spoiling your best friend with a luxurious holiday.

Hosts up to 3 cats from one family.

Destination Villas

Unique getaway destinations, each fitted with a spacious viewing platform with plenty of sunlight. Loved by both inquisitive and laid-back animals.

Hosts up to 2 cats from one family.


High-ceilinged accommodation with secluded private areas. Multi-level fit-out provides space to explore and to hide away. Suited for active and shy guests alike.

Hosts up to 2 cats from one family.

Studio Apartments

Cosy rooms with built-in cubbyholes for peace and quiet. Ideal for short stays, solitary cats, and senior felines whose best jumping days are behind them.

Each Studio Apartment can host 1 cat.

The Playrooms

All of our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a  private experience in our custom play areas each day.

Your cat will be free to jump, climb, scratch, roll and let out their inner kitten to their heart’s content (until they’re ready for another cat nap).

Complete with angled ledges, giant scratchers, cat bridges, hammocks and cosy, themed bedding, our playrooms provide all our felines with an adventurous outlet to unleash their energy

Cat Accommodation - Ocean play room with toys

Little Purr-maid Cove

Cat motel - Forest play room front

Purr-wood Forest