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About Us

Give your cat the five-star boutique hotel experience they deserve.

Balmain Cat Boarding was established more than half a decade ago. We recognised how many locals could not access convenient, professional care for their cats when they needed it.

Our mission began by supporting the clients of our Vet Hospital. However, we quickly grew to accommodate a wider community of pet parents – who, like us, want nothing but the best for their cats.

At Balmain Cat Boarding, we believe that our feline companions are worth spoiling. We understand what cats want and have created a space that is calm, cosy, clean and stimulating. From our Suites to our Studio Apartments, we cater to every cat’s need with 29 carefully curated rooms.

Our hotel is equipped with a 24-hour hypoallergenic scent system, ventilating each room with fresh, clean air. From themed play rooms, to personal televisions and an integrated SonosĀ® sound system, we consider every aspect of your pet’s comfort.

Select a delicacy from our fine dining menu, comprised of only the finest cuts from our local butcher. Indulge your cat with our pampering options and complimentary toys during their holiday.

Our incredible team take pride in our premium service, immersing each guest in comfort and relaxation throughout their stay. We look forward to seeing you and your cat soon!

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