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Medical Boarding

Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  Do you accept cats with medical conditions?

We do offer bookings for cats with medical conditions!

One of the most reassuring aspects of choosing us to board your cat with medical needs is that our boarding facility is located within one of the best Veterinary Practices in Sydney. We have access to highly qualified Veterinarians who can be called upon to assess your cat if required during their stay.

We do require all cats with medical conditions to have their full history supplied to us in advance, to allow our team to review their case and ensure we can suitably care for your pet.

Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  Are there any medical conditions that could prevent my cat from booking?

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the medical services we can provide for boarding guests.

We are not able to accommodate diabetic cats, unless they are under the care of Balmain Veterinary Hospital.

We reserve the right to refuse booking for the following cases, after review of patient history:

  1. Seriously or terminally unwell cats
  2. Cats requiring medication that cannot be safely administered i.e. aggressive cats
Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  My cat needs to be given medication during their stay. What do I need to do?

We request that you list the medications your cat requires in our Booking Portal. We will also review your cat’s medical history before we confirm your boarding request. If, in the opinion of our Vets, your cat’s medical needs are complex or require further assessment, you will be required to book a consultation with one of our Vets prior to your stay.

Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  When do I need to book a Vet consult before my stay?

We would start by reviewing your cat’s medical history and what current medical requirements they have. A Vet will review these notes first before assessing whether a patient actually needs to be seen prior to their boarding.

You may be required to book a vet consult before your stay if:

  • Your cat’s vaccinations are out of date
  • Your cat’s medical condition requires a high-level of care

During this screening process, if a Vet deems that your cat’s needs are too complex to accommodate in our boarding, you will be advised of one of the following:

  1. We may be able to accommodate your cat in our boarding facility, with acknowledgement of the risks that boarding may entail.
  2. If we cannot accommodate your cat in our boarding facility, they may be able to stay for a short period in our hospital under the supervision of trained Vets and Veterinary Nurses. 
  3. If the Vet has assessed that the risk of boarding your cat is too high, we may refuse your booking to prioritise the care and safety of your cat.
Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  Is there a charge for medicating my cat during their stay?

Yes there is.

Balmain Cat Boarding charge for each medicating event, depending on how many medications are required to be given per day. This excludes administration of flea/worming treatment, and supplements that are mixed into food.

Faq About Cat Boarding in Sydney  Can you guarantee that my pet will get their medication?

No, we can’t.

Cats by nature can be extremely averse to handling/medicating. This is particularly true when a cat is out of their normal home environment. Some cats become refractory or aggressive during their stay and won’t tolerate direct oral medication.

Our preference at all times is to ensure low stress handling of your cat and this certainly applies when attempting to medicate.

We have an obligation to our staff to ensure their safety, so if your cat is known to be aggressive and is likely to be aggressive when we attempt to medicate, there is a reasonable chance we will not be able to medicate your cat. In these events, our staff are specifically instructed NOT to medicate directly and to put medication in their food instead (if possible). We cannot, however, force your cat to eat.