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For the discerning felines that need more room to stretch their legs, or claim as their own. Our Bungalows are perfect for cats that don’t like to settle in one spot. With high-ceiling, split-level living, and a separate bedroom and en-suite, your cat will not want for space. We recommend this room for longer stays or an inseparable duo.


  • High-ceiling, multi-level room with separate bedroom

  • Lots of nooks, crannies and ledges to explore and enjoy

  • Up to twice the space of our Studio Apartments

  • Private en-suite

  • Relaxing modern music from our integrated Sonos® system, to deliver tranquil, trendy beats during the day

  • 24-hour advanced ventilation system to keep air fresh and clean

  • Purr-fect for active guests or a pair of feline friends

  • Hosts up to 2 cats from a single household

  • From $49 per day for 1 cat, or $89 per day for 2 x cats

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